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What is an

An E-Card is a digital MasterCard™ that allows you to make purchases online or through mobile apps. Instead of having a physical card, all the card details are stored electronically, and you can use it for online shopping or  Tap to Pay by connect is to Google, Apple and Samsung Pay.

⚙️ How to use an

A quicker way to shop & spend online in 3 easy steps

Step 1:

We will send you a secure SMS or Email with instructions to activate your E-Card.

Step 2:

When buying online, and on the checkout page,  simply enter your card details and submit.

Step 3:

View transactions in real-time, so once your card balance is empty, simply get a new one!

Frequently Asked Questions

E-Card is a virtual Mastercard used in place of a physical card that allows people to:

  • Pay for goods and services locally and internationally.
  • Make purchases using a virtual MasterCard.
  • Tap & Pay using Samsung, Google and Apple pay at participating retailers.

1. You can add it to your Samsung Pay Google pay or Apple Pay.

2. This is a great way to give money to your kids with a limited amount of funds on it for seasonal shopping or allowances.

3. Because it’s a digital card, you can send the card number to a family member or friend elsewhere and they can spend only the amount loaded on it. (It’s a great way to save fees on sending money overseas, by giving someone a card with money on it.)

NO, It’s an E-Card so you won’t be getting a physical card, but instead a card number, CVC, and Expiry date, to use the card at you local supermarket you have to connect the virtual card to NFC payment Apps like Samsung, Google and Apple Pay and use the Tap & Pay feature.

E-Card offers each user a secure card account which you can use as an alternative to sending money overseas. Anyone can simply request and activate a card and share the card credentials with friends and family, those card credentials can then be used overseas to pay for goods and services online or connected to apps like Samsung, Google and Apple pay to Tap at POS or even at ATMs for cash withdrawals.

Yes, E-Card uses industry-standard security measures to protect users’ personal and financial information.

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