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⚙️ How to use an E-Card?

A quicker way to shop & spend online in 3 easy steps

Step 1:

We will send you a secure SMS or Email with instructions to activate your E-Card.

Step 2:

When buying online, and on the checkout page,  simply enter your card details and submit.

Step 3:

View transactions in real-time, so once your card balance is empty, simply get a new one!

Frequently Asked Questions

E-Card is a Virtual Mastercard program allows people to:

  • Get an internationally virtual Mastercard instantly. 
  • Make purchases online or in-store using you Mastercard E-Card connected to Samsung, Google and Apple Pay.
  • Tap & Pay at participating retailers with NFC enabled POS terminals.

Yes. there is an activation fee based on the value of the E-Card.

To apply for  E-Card simply create a Caribmall account and apply from your user dashboard. 

E-Cards offers several benefits over using cash, such as not having to worry about losing cash or having it stolen.

Additionally, you’re protected by our fraud detection systems, which can help prevent unauthorized purchases.

You will also have the ability to quickly checkout at participating retailers using the “Tap & Pay” feature.

The E-Card card can be used for online purchases which is not possible with cash.

The “Tap & Pay” feature allows users to quickly check out at participating retailers by using a phone feature called NFC (near field communication) This eliminates the need for using cash swiping your card.

You should check your phone for this feature. 


There are No monthly fees or transaction fee for card holders.

E-Card uses industry-standard security measures to protect users’ personal and financial information.

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